Partners Dogs University Online

The Ultimate Guide for Pet Professionals

Elevate your career in the pet industry with Partners Dogs University's all-encompassing online course. Tailored to cover every aspect of pet professionalism, this program is designed to take you from apprentice to leader. Benefit from a curriculum that spans over 20 subjects in each level, ranging from dog behavior to human resources.

Core Objectives

  • Gain comprehensive knowledge across more than 20 subjects, including dog behavior, obedience, daycare, and kennel management.
  • Build skills in client management, team training, and human resources.
  • Achieve mastery in pet professionalism through a balanced approach to dog training that incorporates both rewards and corrections.

Course Content

  • Pet Trainer 100 Level: Receive fundamental knowledge on the 20+ most important subjects in pet care.
  • Pet Professional 200 Level: Further your understanding of our 20+ subject levels to the point of being able to teach clients or run your own programs.
  • Pet Leader 300 Level: Receive an in-depth education on the 20+ core subjects. Feel confident in teaching this information to clients as well as your team members.

Course Features

  • Detailed instructional videos for enhanced learning.
  • Saveable notes and outlines for easy reference.
  • Presentation materials for educating others.
  • Knowledge assessments to gauge information retention.

Pricing and Availability

  • One-time fee for lifetime access to core content modules.
  • Special discounts are available for pet care facilities. Apply Here

Enrollment Information

  • No prerequisites or enrollment requirements.
  • Payable in up to 4 easy installments.
  • Start learning today!

$499.00 USD